acrylic paint, charcoal, and mixed media (medical supplies as relief) on wood panel; 10×8″

“I recently had the privilege of undergoing top surgery- a medical procedure that many trans men undergo to masculinizing their chest. The end results of this procedure likely saved my life, but the lengthy process of coordinating with doctors, nurses, and insurance agents and struggling to advocate for myself is what inspired this piece. I needed this procedure to be seen as myself by the people around me, but through the process I had to interact with medical professionals who were intent on seeing me as someone who I wasn’t. This abstract piece includes sterile bandage wrappers and syringe caps, which represent different aspects of medical transition that I have experienced.”

ARTIST BIO: Colin Putman is a transgender man currently studying design at the University of Cincinnati. He’s always been passionate about painting and fine art. His parents aren’t supportive of his transition, and he’s saving up to become financially independent so he can live his truth!