digital inkjet print; 13×19″

“Within my work, I talk about the general processing of the body, specifically in reference to the body being a piece of meat. My current stage of transition is in a heavily nonbinary space. I have a very femme presenting frame, but my demeanor and certain exceptional sex characteristic are inherently masculine. I am in a state of flux and exist in both sectors of the gender binary. Within this photo series, I approach my relationship with myself, who I am, and how I respond to being present in my skin.”

ARTIST BIO: J.C. Neihardt is a trans-masculine nonbinary artist based out of North Texas. Their work focuses upon their personal experience as a nonbinary person, and it is presented through the lens of abjection and horror. J.C. centers a great deal of their work around meat as an analogy to the body or self, specifically around the idea of passing for an intended gender and how that is relative to the process USDA presents for meat productions. The inability to pass makes one visually inedible to normative society. J.C. is a graduate student at Texas Woman’s University and will graduate in the spring of 2022.