color photography; 4 photographs, each 9×12”

Divine in Discovery: “Challenging not only who can own divinity but those who have earned it”
The Path: “The journey we must all take”
Storyteller: “Trees hold the stories of many”
Sun Peek: “The Sun, the light, granting comfort”

ARTIST BIO: Ashton Michael Lee is an educator, poet, storyteller, and healer from Spartanburg, South Carolina, currently residing in Dayton, OH. Ashton created a healing tool to teach folks ways to think independently; it is called The Student of Life. His series targets critical life lessons through “power thought” and storytelling. Wanting to dig deeper as an artist, Ashton reimagined himself. From this reflection; Michael Divine, his Higher Self, Creator name, and musical self took full form. He creates poems through music sharing his life’s journey of healing and liberation.
IG: @iammichaeldivine and @ashtonlens