watercolor and ink; 10×8” (image 7×5”)

“When I ran into health obstacles while attempting to physically transition, I had to do a lot of soul-searching to define what gender meant to me personally. This image portrays a man escaping from a body he thinks does not define him, only to rise to the surface and discover he’s under a pink sky. While I still identify far more strongly with masculinity than femininity, I’ve come to terms with living in my body, and I now understand and embrace the multifaceted aspects of who I am.”

ARTIST BIO: Jules Hucke is a gender-fluid author, artist, editor and athlete. Under the pen name Jules Machias, they  wrote “Both Can Be True” and “Fight + Flight,” two middle grade novels about finding your identity, the importance of friendship, and the power of compassion; both are published by HarperCollins. Jules owns and operates an editing business called Red Pen Refinery. In their spare time, they enjoy dirt biking, fostering dogs with medical needs, and exploring new art mediums and techniques.