watercolor, colored pencil, marker, ink; 16×20”
“This piece is about LBTQIA+ civil rights. My piece shows a group of children surrounded by hateful figures. The children stand protected only by the shape left by the figures, an upside-down triangle, a symbol historically used to label LGBTQ+ individuals. It depicts the community and the pointless hate it receives. Even though surrounded by grown adults screaming at them, many who go as far as to threaten or harm them, when it comes to media attention, negativity, and criticism, the community is still the center of attention. And all the while, no one bats an eye at those spreading hate. I see nothing wrong with people wanting to feel comfortable in their own skin and marry the person they love. People should be able to live and express themselves freely.”
ARTIST BIO: Starlit Parish is a Grade 11 student at Butler Tech School of Art (SOA).