graphite, color pencil, chalk, oil pastel;12×8″
“My artwork is about a girl who was abused by her boyfriend and who shows her face when she finally stood up for herself. She is crying because of the shock of what she had done and the pain she has caused but at the same time she is not focused on the current events because she has the feeling of finally being free. I created this artwork to tell a story that shows an unfortunately common experience for many women and their hope for a new life. I want to dedicate this work to my mother for finding the strength to leave a dangerous situation and making a better life for me and my sisters.”
ARTIST BIO: Ne Vaeh Jackson is a Grade 12 student at Oyler HS.
ART PROJECT: “For this class project “Creative Expressions for Peace and Justice” students working under the guidance of art teacher Laura Demo, were given an open-ended prompt to create an artwork that tackles a topic related to peace, justice, equality, or a social issue. They were encouraged to look at artists who use their work to spread a message and what kind of tactics were most effective such as use of symbols, text, color, and juxtaposition of imagery. Students fleshed out their ideas through mind mapping and sketches before deciding on the most effective approach for communicating their message.”