watercolor, marker, ink; 16×20”
“The world of the news comes and goes, but the news itself doesn’t just go away when the next clip comes on. People are struggling and sometimes we hyper-fixate on an event for a day or so then forget about it as if it has already become history. I believe this has happened with major events like Ukraine. It was almost a meme in social media for a while and now completely forgotten. It’s still however a very current event. I looked into both sides of the war and it is clear that there are some unsettled rivalries between the countries and many overlooked details. Many Russians do not feel as though the war should be happening as people who live on the border of Ukraine consider themselves Russian culturally. Ukraine and Russia have been budding heads for the last 15 years over something not under their controls. Russia still believes the two countries should be one as they used to be in the 1200’s.”
ARTIST BIO: Kyra Shoemaker is a Grade 12 student at Butler Tech School of Art (SOA).