Adobe Photoshop; 11×17”
“Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world that can easily be reversed. Each day, the average person breathes in 500 liters of greenhouse gasses which are harmful to the body and come from waste. People are littering every day and it is killing animals and their habitats and 95% of the population breathes polluted gas. We need nature like trees and plants to live; they give us oxygen. To help with pollution: first, don’t litter, throw away any trash you have into a trash can; second, start recycling at home or in a public recycling can in public; last, drive your car less to decrease the amount of harmful gasses in the air coming from the gasoline being used.”
ARTIST BIO: Jaden Durante is a Grade 9 student at Oak Hills HS.
ART PROJECT: “Under the guidance of Art Teacher Francine Gibson, and using Adobe Photoshop, students created posters including popular comic heroes fighting various issues of social injustice.”