watercolor, colored pencil, marker, ink; 16×20”
“My piece is about banned books. I want to tell a story even if others think it should be banned from schools or libraries. The fact that even if my book was a kid’s book it still has a chance of being banned just for having a gay person in it upsets me. We should be able to have “dark topic’s “in books without backlash. I used the Greek goddess of knowledge Athena who looks tired and sad because when we try to hide and take away knowledge we slowly stop learning about ours and others past, history and religion. I used red spider lily’s because they are used to show death; I put it next to a book of wisdom to show the death of wisdom in the world. I also used book burning and burnt pages of books to show our past of burning books and all of the knowledge we had lost at that time of history.”
ARTIST BIO: Isabella Blair is a Grade 11 student at Butler Tech School of Art (SOA).