digital image; 17×11”
“130 people die by suicide in the US every day; one person every 11 minutes. Most people truly don’t understand how big of a problem this is and how many people it affects. Suicide, by many, is seen as “selfish.” It is laughed upon. It is “destigmatized” in the wrong ways. Or it is seen as something that should never be talked about. More and more people die by suicide every single day not just because of mental health conditions or problems, but because this is how the world views suicide and mental health. After losing my own dad to suicide, I have become much more aware of what people say about suicide, and most of the time, it is just so far from right. My hope is that my poster, not only educates people, but inspires others to learn more – because that is really how we change the world, save lives, and break the stigma around suicide.”
ARTIST BIO: Grace Ramstetter is a Grade 10 student at Seton HS.