acrylic; 9×12″

“I am currently a student in the ninth grade. My art piece is called ‘The Aim’ because it shows that in a precise aim, a life could be taken away and not always saved. My topic is gun control emphasized by a focal red scope. My personal position on this topic is half and half. I understand that we have all the freedom and right to own a gun for potential situations or self-defense but then I also see the side of how many people should not be allowed to own a gun because of lack of responsibility or bad intentions.”

ARTIST BIO: The Gifted and Talented freshman art students of Megan Smarda, art teacher at Winton Woods High School in Forest Park., have participated in the SOS ART show for many years now and are always greatly inspired by the artworks submitted each year. Their participation in this show greatly inspires them to create their own concepts around Freedom, Peace and Justice and what this means to them in this day and age. The pandemic this year has proven to create many challenges for these students. Struggling with virtual/blended learning, limited art supplies, and limited exposure to the “art community” of a classroom, they have prevailed and feel like they are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. They are all so happy to be back in school and appreciate the art classroom all the more.