paper collage; 17×22″

“Our assumptions and perceptions of others are—at best—incomplete, as are theirs of us. We do each other and ourselves disservice by relying on what is unreliable. Assumptions narrow vision and limit our ability to recognize the mystery and sameness of each other, our onion layers and gem-like facets. With wider vision comes more acceptance, appreciation—and opportunity for peace.”

ARTIST BIO: Ann Sullivan is 68 years old and has been making collages now for 6 years. She is sometimes struck by a particular magazine photo and knows she wants to work with it. Following that image where it leads her, ahe particularly enjoys discovering new purpose for an image and combining it with other images, colors, and textures in unexpected ways. When the disparate pieces to which she is attracted snap together to make something new, it feels like a pleasing serendipity is at work, and Ann thinks it might be bringing a subterranean bit of herself to light. If others find something in it, too, she is happy.