I. SOS ART is a Cincinnati-based non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage, promote and provide opportunities for the arts as dynamic vehicles for peace and justice, for a change and for a better world.

II. SOS ART achieves its goals by:
1) Organizing a yearly Exhibit and Festival of the Arts focused on Peace and Justice and open free to all Greater Cincinnati Artists
2) Publishing 2 yearly books: “SOS ART” book and “For a Better World: Book of Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice” open to all Greater Cincinnati Artists
3) Directing and facilitating workshops and art classes in schools and after school programs, linking the teaching and the practice of art to the introduction of basic values and values of peace and justice in the youth
4) Curating and organizing exhibits of local artists and of artists from other countries on the themes of peace and justice
5) Organizing panel discussions, public debates, poetry readings, various publications, etc. all on the themes of peace and justice