mixed media; prints available in various sizes

“The title ‘Mukti’ is a Sanskrit word for freedom and relates to Loss. My artwork is closely connected with self-identity, and nature, which are important elements of Trinity. It also closely relates to the hardships involved in visiting closed ones who live on the other end of the globe. I had missed attending my grandparent’s funeral, so I have been carrying a heavy burden for years in the form of guilt. I am yearning for some form of closure while I struggle to release myself. To free myself from the past and the present, I performed an after-death Hindu ritual of cremation known as “Antim Sanskar” (Last Rite) for my grandparents so their soul gets peace and can go to “Pitru Lok” (plane or realm of existence) without trouble. Lastly, I performed the ritual “Asthi Visarjan”, during which ashes of the deceased get immersed in the holy Ganges River in India. Since I am unable to do the same, I created a self-portrait with my grandparent’s ashes as I consider myself to be a part of them; in this case, I became the river that continues to flow despite all obstacles.”

ARTIST BIO: Anisha Kanakia Sanghani is a contemporary realist artist based in Cincinnati, OH. She has a diverse background in Textile Design and Visual Communication, and has been working as a full–time Graphic Designer for over twenty years. Currently she is pursuing her BFA at DAAP, University of Cincinnati. Her portfolio is prolific and ranges from miniature paintings to bold, brazen abstracts. Having spent her childhood years in Mumbai, India, Anisha’s artwork references both Indian and Western artistic cultures. Her versatility stems from her fun–loving, adventurous self. In her own words she explains, “In art, I have found a way to live with my multiple personalities.