acrylic on cork; 24×34”

“’Reclaimed Words, Reclaimed Walls’ focuses on words that have now either lost or gained meaning over the last few years, where minorities have moved to reclaim words that were once used to oppress, harass or were intended to be derogatory. This work highlights words that once worked against minorities but now work for them. Revolution, and reclamation starts with the public, in the street, and with street artists; this style celebrates this reclaiming revolution of oppressive language.”

ARTIST BIO: Samantha Niewierowski is a Paleontologist turned Artist living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Studying at the University of Cincinnati and DAAP, she divides her time between research in the lab, and time sculpting in her home studio. Her interest in geoscience and paleontology inspires her work, as well as her drive to blend her two spheres of passion: art and science. She hopes that she can bridge the gap between scientists and artists by creating work that interests both fields of study. She seamlessly blends her lab work and artwork into designs that inspire both scientists and artists alike.