electronic medium known as “gif” (graphics interchange format); screen size

“The movie is a looping tale that begins where it ends. a dark road with headlights coming toward you and objects lurking in the periphery. The theme of peace and justice is truly front and center in the year 2021. Will the peripheral become front and center as our skeleton hero does in the gif/movie “headlight”? The likely outcome unfortunately dips into what we all know to be true. Lessons will need to be repeated before becoming true. The fate of our hero “the skeleton” is witness to the “headlight” as it once again takes another turn.”

ARTIST BIO: Bob Kling is a sculptor and Steve Wuesthoff, an industrial designer, who worked together at Kenner Toys way back when. Both have moved on to do what they do best but have reunited for this year’s SOS ART 2021. Surprise! The pandemic can bring folks together sometime!