acrylic paint and soft pastels; 24×18”

“Children in our society, especially many black children within urban communities, are being traumatized by acts of violence and subjected to emotional trauma on a daily basis. Their hearts and spirits are of peace and their future is at stake. The genesis of promoting peace starts early. The children should be heeded. ‘Activist’ was inspired by a photo captured by Ali-Rasheed Abdullah, a Cincinnati based Community Outreach Advocate at the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati. Ali-Rasheed has collaborated with Dr. Garcia of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Cincinnati Public Schools to initiate Culturally Sensitive Trauma Centers throughout Cincinnati.”

ARTIST BIO: Cherie Garces is from Portsmouth, VA and grew up in Cincinnati, OH. She enjoys creating art in all genres, but her primary medium is acrylic and oil painting. She admires the global works of antiquity and female artists throughout history and her art is inspired by psychological, ethnic and cultural themes. Cherie attended Cincinnati’s SCPA and Withrow, subsequently receiving a BFA, minoring in Art History and Psychology from Mount Saint Joseph University. She has studied art in Egypt, London and Paris, and received graduate credit from her studies in Havana, Cuba. Her sculpture, Isaiah, is on permanent display upon receiving the MSJU Annual Art Library Prize in 2007, and in 2013, she was a recipient of the Summer Fair Emerging Artist Award. In addition, Cherie has displayed work at the Women’s Barn (2017), Clifton Cultural Arts Center’s, Golden Ticket (2020), Kennedy Heights Arts Center’s UPRISING outdoor exhibition (2020) and is presently a Kennedy Arts Collective member. Cherie has worked with children of all ages for most of her life and has held several positions in Cincinnati Public Schools for the past 27 years. She is currently an art teacher, facilitating creativity in hopes of inspiring her students with a lifelong creative curiosity.