installation glass/plastic/paper; 10x20x8″

“We assume a level playing field in situations that are governed by rules and laws. We assume that understanding these rules and laws allows us to engage in certain civic and personal activities. Under the law the right to vote in the United States is insured by no less than three Amendments to the Constitution, the 15th, 24th and 26th Amendments. Over the last 160 years the right to vote has been challenged by the notion that not everyone should have the right to vote even if the law says so. This piece represents a reenactment of a process whereby the right to vote is conditional on answering a trick question correctly. A question in which an incorrect answer nullifies the right to cast a vote and the ambiguity of a correct answer can never be satisfied. How many ice cubes are in the jar? Can you guess?”

ARTIST BIO: An installation and conceptual artist, Carol Freid has lived, traveled and studied around the world and embraces in her work the cultures she has experienced. Currently she lives in Georgetown, Kentucky. Her practice includes installation, paper, fiber, book arts and conceptual art. Carol is inspired to work on art projects that speak to prescient social, political, and environmental issues.