charcoal, graphite, collage on paper; 30×22”

“Through my work I explore the impacts that various social, political, economic and environmental conditions have on both individuals and within public spheres. I incorporate figurative elements of people, animals or objects to symbolize my concerns regarding how socioeconomic or sociopolitical conditions affect individuals or groups. My work also strives to examine notions of agency and how the motivations of individuals or groups can lead to new outcomes and also how individuals and groups interpret and reinterpret these events. Understanding the often overwhelming complexity of the various ideas that I’m working with my work often mixes several singular themes and ideas into a unified composition that seeks to interpret and coalesce how the subject interprets feelings of loss, despair, fear, hope/hopelessness, anxiety, and alienation within various states.”

ARTIST BIO: Kevin Barbro was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he received a BFA and also earned a certificate in International Human Rights. He completed his MFA from the University of Arizona and currently lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky. His studies of political and social structures inform his work greatly. His paintings, drawings, and installations have been shown nationally.