mixed media; 10×10″, image 6×6″
Note: Even though this art piece does not qualify as a traditional print, an exception was made to include it in the show.

“Though I am far from the events represented here, I wish to convey a geographical dimension. This is an Iraqi youth uprising for change, in their desire for peace and justice.”

ARTIST BIO: Zuhair Shaaouni lives in Venice, FL. He is an American of Iraqi origin, who has chosen to live in the United States of America for decades now. Iraq, his country of origin, a land saturated with ancient history and influenced greatly by giant civilizations, such as the Babylonians, led him to become a craftsman and a painter. After receiving a degree in Fine Arts, Zuhair became an art teacher in the city of Baghdad. He has participated in many International Art Fairs and Art Galleries in Canada, Egypt, Czechoslovakia, Washington D.C., and Florida.