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Religious Peacemakers

“Religious Peacemakers” is a series of articles featuring Greater Cincinnati individuals who are religious and who use their faith and religious beliefs as promotors for their committed actions toward peace and justice.

The series, which features individuals of all religions/denominations, is based on the principle that all religions are spiritual, above material gains; that at their essence are teachings for peace and justice; and that they all aim at achieving an equal and better world.

Sadly it is we humans who, through our institutions, often use and hijack religions for personal and/or political power-driven and control gains, thus condoning divisiveness and violence.

As seen through their individual paths, and even though belonging to different religions and faiths, the featured individuals end up all going in the same direction and toward the same goal, that of an equal, peaceful and just world.

For Tala Ali, a Muslim, Spirituality Cannot Be Separated form Her Social Justice Work

Growing up in the US, Tala Ali, Muslim Chaplain at the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH, experienced what many emigrants currently face in the country. She and her family, undocumented for few years, lived... Continue Reading →

Moved by His Episcopal Christian Faith, Reverend Charles Graves IV Uses Advocacy and Service to Right the Wrong and Help Those in Need

Reverend Charles Graves IV grew up, an only child, in a loving and religious family. He lived with his parents in a peaceful, upper middle class neighborhood of Baltimore, MD and attended regularly with them, St Thomas, an Episcopal church,... Continue Reading →

“Divinity of Diversity” and “Multi Faith Enriching” Are the Mottos of Reverend Alan Dicken’s Ministry

"God is on the side of the oppressed," says Reverend Alan Dicken. "In the Christian tradition Jesus came not as a ruler or a conqueror, but rather as a vulnerable infant, and he spent his time with the poor, the... Continue Reading →

Spirituality, Social Justice & JustLOVE Are at the Heart of Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp’s Life, Actions & Pastorship

As she was growing up, Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp's maternal grandfather would always tell her she needed to become a rabbi to continue the Jewish tradition in her family. She was born to a Jewish mother and to a Catholic Belgian... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Freedom and Inclusive Love Dictate Daniel Schneider’s Actions & Advocacy for Social Justice

When Daniel Schneider was 8 years old, he learned that about a mile south of where he lived, in Shelby County, OH, was a church previously attended by black people from the Rumley community, a community established around 1840 as... Continue Reading →

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