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SOS ART, founded in 2003, is a 501c3 organization which has for primary objectives to:

  • Encourage, promote and provide opportunities for the arts as dynamic vehicles for peace and justice and for a better world.
  • Encourage artists to use their art as their voice on issues of peace and justice that concern them, their community and the world.
  • Facilitate the creation of a local community of artists who will network and collaborate together using art as a means to impact issues of peace and justice in the community where they live.
  • Use the arts to speak about, inform, educate and create a dialogue on issues of peace and justice and thus to bring about positive change.
  • Help facilitate the creation and development by local artists of  artistic and literary works focused on peace and justice
  • Provide art-related educational programs towards peace and justice for all ages
  • Use the arts and the teaching of art as tools to introduce basic values of peace and justice in the youth

This site highlights the work of SOS Art Cincinnati, which sponsors a yearly SOS ART Show and Event of creative expressions for peace and justice; the yearly publication of “For a Better World: Book of Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists”; various exhibitions, publications and educational programs focused on peace and justice.