Dear Friends,

My name is Saad Ghosn and I am a native of Lebanon living in the United States, in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am also the President of the non-profit Organization SOS ART which mission is to promote the arts for peace and justice and for a better world.

I am here to plead for your help of my birth country, Lebanon, after the catastrophic explosion the Port of its capital, Beirut, suffered on Tuesday night, August 4. At this time, the Lebanese (and all the many refugees, foreign workers, and guests in Lebanon) desperately need your help—with food, shelter, medical attention, and many other needs. Up to 300,000 people (over a quarter of Beirut’s population) no longer have housing and many have lost everything. 

As you may know, Lebanon was already in the midst of not only the COVID pandemic but also economic and currency collapse. With the banks refusing to give people money in their accounts, the overwhelming majority of Lebanese have no money to help them survive this catastrophe. Unemployment is also rampant in the country.

I am here asking you to donate and help support Lebanon and in particular two Lebanese organizations that are non-partisan and work across all confessional groups:

*The Lebanese Red Cross, the main provider of emergency medical services in the country. It offers all its services free of charge and finds itself right now overwhelmed and in dire need of financial support in order to continue and be able to fulfill its mission. 

*Offre-Joie, a non-profit organization which promotes understanding and unity among Lebanese through educational, social, and humanitarian projects, and which is right now very involved in the rebuilding of Beirut.

I know that times are challenging for many throughout the world. The Lebanese (and the tens of thousands of refugees and migrant workers throughout Lebanon) are, however, in a truly desperate situation. Any amount you can give to help them will be appreciated. No amount is small enough and all donations will be used entirely to meet the critical needs of a battered population. 

With many thanks and appreciation!


Please donate to the Lebanese Red Cross:

Please donate to Offre-Joie: (allocate donation to: Beirut Rebuilding and support to families)