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May 2018

Inclusion, Contemplation and Action Are the Tenets of Reverend Troy Bronsink’s Faith; They Help Him Manifest and Make Tangible the Presence of God

"I grew up inside a Christian bubble," says Reverend Troy Bronsink. "My parents, Evangelical Christians, raised me in that tradition, and all I knew growing up were the youth groups of the typical Bible belt megachurch I attended in Charlotte,... Continue Reading →

Connecting with the Spiritual, Deb Simons-Reeves, a Christian Scientist & Practitioner, Extends her Help and Prayers to Others to Manifest the Presence of God

"I was born an activist with a natural inclination at helping people," says Deb Simons-Reeves. "Already as a child I wanted badly to help my father who was an alcoholic." Simons-Reeves grew up in Saugatuck, a small resort town on... Continue Reading →

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