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December 2017

Moved by His Faith, Randy Bruins, an Environmentalist, Tries to Always Add Beauty and Justice to the World

"Social justice is now linked to my understanding of religion," says Randy Bruins. "Growing up I was very skeptical about God and religion, and I was all the time searching for truth. In college I discovered Jesus and the Bible... Continue Reading →

For Karthik Raghavan, Love Is the Way for Self-Realization, and Serving Others with Love Is Serving God

Born in a Hindu family in the city of Chennai, South India, Karthik Raghavan grew up religious and from a very young age, participated in Hindu rituals, celebrating religious festivals and going regularly, at least once a week, to the... Continue Reading →

A Passionate Advocate of Women & Children’s Rights, Jennifer Morris’ Episcopalian Faith Informs her Life & her Actions

Jennifer Morris' father always told her: "Don't let anyone ever tell you that you cannot do something because you're a girl." She grew up in a gender-neutral family where both parents were equal and interchangeably tackled the needed domestic chores;... Continue Reading →

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